When you are about to get on a voyage to the most respected place on the Earth, the last thing on your mind is your packing. But some people may be heading out for the divine trip of lifetime rapidly, so I just required to take an instant and give a few pieces of guidance for women who will be traveling soon to do the holy worship, Umrah trip.

So, generally the mostly of steps are the same for man and women but there are some points where there is a difference. Check out the “Umrah Guide for Women” below,

Different Points from Men

See some different points here,

• Ihram wearing is different, men are the definite process but women only have to be shielded properly.

• If women are on menstrual cycles need to refrain from performing the Umrah. 

• Men have to shave their heads after the Say’ee but there is not the same situation for women. They just cut their hair the length of a finger nail. 

• Al Idhtebaa and Al Raml just for male pilgrimage.

• Women said the Talbiyah in low voice but men loudly.

Tips before Umrah Booking

For women, there are some restrictions in Islam for Hajj and Umrah. Therefore, women take it seriously and understand each and everything regarding this holy trip. Mostly women want to go for umrah with cheap umrah tour packages with best umrah services. If you are searching cheap umrah packages you can contact with umrah experts they have a lot of best umrah packages for muslims.

Knowledge or Information 

Get all the information and guidelines for Umrah like how to wear Ihram, importance of Ziarat and what you need to bring along with this trip

Find Real Agent

 After that, find an agent who is reliable and trustworthy and have an experience for traveling, tickets, services and hotels facilities. 

• Mahram

Without mahram woman can’t go to perform Umrah. Therefore, women should go with at least one Mahram.  

Packing List for Umrah

 If you find the real agent and make a plan for Umrah then you need some tips and tricks for packing your bags. According to Islam you should clear all your legal responsibility and pay off all your dues before the holy trip.

• Passport and Identity Card

• Airline Ticket and Hotel Vouchers

• Transport Vouchers 

• Ihram, Towel, and Umbrella 

• Tooth Brush and Paste, Sleepers and Soap/Shampoo

• Biscuits, Juices, and Tissues • Basic Medicine, Clock, Face Wash

• Socks, Glasses and Extra Batteries 

• Water Bottles 

These are tips and tricks for before and after Umrah Booking. You should read it carefully before leaving Umrah.